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Find a pharmacy in your plan network

Your health plan gives you access to thousands of pharmacies. The network includes both national chains and independents. Many HealthPartners clinics have an on-site pharmacy, too. So wherever you live, you're sure to find a convenient place to fill your prescriptions.

Search your pharmacy network

Use the links below to search your plan's pharmacy network:

Some employer groups do not include every pharmacy in this network. Reference your plan booklet or call Member Services to see if this is the case for you.

Frequently asked questions

Your online account can help you find the least expensive place to fill your prescription. Log in to your account to find the cost comparison tools. You can also call a Pharmacy Navigator for help finding affordable prescription options.

Absolutely! Convenient mail order delivery is available to all plan members. With some plans, you may even be able to get a 90-day supply for just two copays. Visit the mail order pharmacy page to get started.

You may receive some drugs from a specialty pharmacy. These drugs are usually for chronic conditions and are often injected. The staff at a specialty pharmacy can help you use these drugs safely and effectively.

See specialty pharmacy information

Your plan’s pharmacy network include locations that provide good service and fair prices. By including these locations in your network, your plan gives you easy access to prescription drugs at a price you can manage.

Depending on your plan, you may have limited—or no—coverage at out-of-network pharmacies. Make sure you call member services to understand your benefits before filling your prescription.

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