Medical Assistance (Medicaid) plans in Minnesota

Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and MinnesotaCare are health insurance programs for people with low incomes. HealthPartners contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to offer these programs to those who qualify.

Eligible enrollees for Medical Assistance in Minnesota must:

  • Be a Minnesota resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualifying noncitizen
  • Have a Social Security number, unless you meet an exception
  • Meet income and asset guidelines 
  • Meet any other program rules (rules vary by program)

Eligible enrollees for MinnesotaCare must:

  • Be a Minnesota resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawfully present in the U.S.
  • Meet income and asset guidelines 
  • Not be enrolled in or have access to Medicare Part A
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare Part B
  • Not be incarcerated, unless you’re awaiting disposition of charges
HealthPartners Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and MinnesotaCare plans

We have many resources to help you learn how a plan can provide health coverage. These include member handbooks, directories, drug lists and more. Not all plans are available in all Minnesota counties.

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HealthPartners® Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan (PMAP)

For people under age 65 or families with children

HealthPartners® MinnesotaCare

For people under age 65

HealthPartners® Inspire (SNBC)

For people under ages 18-64 with a certified disability

HealthPartners® Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) (HMO SNP)

For people ages 65 and older who are also eligible for Medicare

This plan combines Medicare and Medicaid into one. Extra perks and benefits are also provided at no extra cost.

HealthPartners® Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+)

For people ages 65 and older

Additional resources for all plans How to enroll in Medical Assistance (Medicaid) or MinnesotaCare

If you’re a family with children: 

For education and assistance, call Disability Hub MN at 866-333-2466.