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HealthPartners member benefits and resources

As a member of a HealthPartners insurance plan, you have access to a range of tools and resources that can help you save money, find doctors in network, and manage your health care from anywhere, anytime.

Understand and explore your member benefits

With digital solutions like our online member account and mobile app, you’ll have everything you need to understand your insurance plan and explore your member benefits.

Simply sign in or create an account to:

  • Review your medical or dental coverage – Access plan details in one place, along with your insurance documents, policies, forms and other resources.
  • Get claims information – See all your claims along with your plan balance and a spending summary.
  • Find care in your network – Search your network to find care options near you and compare costs ahead of time.
  • Review your prescription drug coverage – Find network pharmacies and drug costs, see what medications are covered, and learn about mail order.
  • Print your member ID card – Access, save, print or order your HealthPartners member ID card in minutes.
  • Take care of yourself – Enroll in no-cost well-being programs, discover discounts for gym memberships, get advice for better health and more.

Feeling healthy in body, mind and spirit looks different for everyone. So when you’re looking for answers and tools to help you get started, we’re here for you.

Learn about our no-cost well-being programs, get recommendations on preventive care and more.

Save money on your favorite wellness items, from exercise equipment to sustainable products and more.

Search our library for insight on common health conditions, plus wellness and prevention tips for all life stages.

Search community services near you to find assistance with housing, food, employment, child care and more.

More plan resources

We want you to get the most from your health insurance plan. Gain a better understanding of your coverage with resources that can help you find care, explore coverage criteria, access important plan documents and much more.

Locate care in your network or check to see if a prescription is covered. For more personalized results, sign in or create an account.

Look up health care services or items to learn how we make coverage decisions about them.

View, download or print detailed information about your plan.

If they’re offered by your employer-sponsored plan, learn more about these cost-saving features and how to get the most financial benefit from them.

A claim is a request for us to pay for covered benefits under your plan. You or your provider must file a claim before we can reimburse costs according to your plan’s coverage. There are different types of HealthPartners claims, depending on the plans or products you have.

If you have concerns about your coverage or the care you’ve received, you have the right to file a complaint or to appeal the outcome of a coverage decision. We handle all complaints and appeals according to state and federal guidelines.

If you’re looking for your 2022 Form 1095-B, we can assist you.

Reduce clutter, clear space and be kind to the environment. If you’d like to receive statements, updates and other communications online instead of by mail, learn more about going paperless today.

Download the myHP app and take your plan on the go

With the myHP app, available for iOS and Android, your HealthPartners team is always by your side:

  • Find covered care nearby and see cost estimates
  • Quickly refill prescriptions via mail or compare pharmacy prices
  • Check your benefits, balances and claims – anytime, anywhere
  • Always have your member ID card in your pocket
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