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Drug list

Search the drug list to learn which medicine your insurance plan covers.

What is a drug list?

A drug list (also called a formulary) is a list of medicines that are covered by an insurance plan. You can see if your prescriptions are covered by searching the list. This is also a good place to find pricing information.

How do I search the drug list?

Searching the list is easy. You can search by:

  • The name of your medicine (for example, Yasmin)
  • The type of medicine you’re taking (for example, birth control)
  • The first three letters of the medicine you’re taking (for example, “Yas”)

Because each insurance plan may have several lists, the best way to see which medicines are covered by your plan is by logging in. Don’t have an account yet? You can create one by following the link below.

Log on to search the drug list

If you know the name of your drug list, you can view the list here:

You may have additional pharmacy benefits for things like preventive drugs or diabetes supplies.

Where can I find the name of my drug list?

You can find the name of your drug list by logging on to myHealthPartners or calling Member Services. To find the name of your drug list online:

  1. Log on
  2. Click “See if your medicines are covered,” which appears directly under the “pharmacy” tab.
  3. The screen that opens will say, “Search the…” and your drug list name. (For example, “Search the GenericsAdvantageRx,” which means GenericsAdvantageRx is the name of your drug list.)

More information on the drug list

I need more information on:

Still have questions? Contact Member Services to talk with someone who can provide more answers.

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