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HealthPartners® Minnesota Senior Health Options (HMO SNP)

A 5-Star MSHO plan – HealthPartners® Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) has an overall 2022 star rating of 5 out of 5 stars for quality care and service. You deserve an MSHO plan with Medicare’s highest rating. Switch now or choose HealthPartners MSHO when you’re eligible.

Discover a plan for seniors who receive Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and Medicare

Are you age 65 or older and receiving Minnesota Medical Assistance? Are you eligible for or enrolled in Original Medicare (Parts A and B)?

Our HealthPartners Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) plan might be a perfect fit. MSHO combines Medicare and Medical Assistance into one plan. It also provides extra perks and benefits when you need them – at no extra cost.

What is MSHO?

MSHO is a program for people who are dual eligible for both Medical Assistance and Original Medicare (Parts A and B). MSHO works by combining these two programs’ coverages into one plan. That can make your health insurance benefits easier to keep track of and manage. You’ll only have one ID card in your pocket. There’s less paperwork to fill out, too.

You’ll also get the services of a care coordinator. A care coordinator assists you with your benefits and well-being. They can partner with you to set health goals, make a care plan and make sure your care providers are in contact with each other. They can help with prescription drugs and refills (as needed). And they can help you navigate coverage of services across Medicare and Medical Assistance.

In addition, you’ll get extra perks and benefits. HealthPartners offers a comprehensive MSHO plan to help meet your health needs.

MSHO combines Medical Assistance and Medicare

With a HealthPartners MSHO plan, that means you’ll get all-in-one coverage for:

  • Routine physical exams
  • Doctor and specialist visits
  • Urgent care and emergency care throughout the United States
  • Medical supplies (DME)
  • Hearing exams and hearing aids
  • Eye exams and glasses
  • Dental care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prescribed over-the-counter drugs
  • Long-term care services, like nursing home care
  • Home- and community-based services, if you qualify
  • Personal care assistance, if you qualify
  • And much more

When you enroll in MSHO, you’ll only get coverage when you use an in-network doctor or provider (except for emergencies, urgent care and renal dialysis). You’ll also choose a primary care provider (PCP). Your PCP will help coordinate your medical care.

Our MSHO network includes HealthPartners and Park Nicollet hospitals and clinics. It also includes many other providers in the Twin Cities area and central Minnesota. Because our network is wide, you’ll probably be able to keep the doctors and specialists you already have.

Extra perks and benefits help you maintain your health and well-being

A HealthPartners MSHO plan includes these extras at no added cost:

  • Home-delivered meals and care support after a hospital stay or surgery
  • A first-aid kit, bathroom safety devices and two motion-sensing night lights
  • SilverSneakers® exercise program, where you can visit over 16,000 fitness locations, get online and video workouts, and attend nearby classes
  • Unlimited access to Virtuwell, a 24/7 online clinic
  • A pocket hearing amplifier
  • An activity tracker and weight management program

You’ll also get $100 gift cards when you complete key health screenings. These screenings include your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, breast cancer screenings (mammograms), colorectal cancer screenings and osteoporosis bone density tests.

Members with specific diagnoses who meet eligibility criteria also get these supplemental benefits:

  • Caregiver support, short-term respite care, psychotherapy and transportation support for these services
  • Up to two boxes of fresh produce delivered each month
  • An animatronic support pet (lap cat or dog)
  • A tablet with education and wellness tools
HealthPartners MSHO members don’t pay a monthly premium

You’ll also pay $0 for covered services if you go to an in-network doctor or provider. That means you won’t have any copay, deductible or coinsurance.

For covered prescription drugs, you may have a small copay. The amount you pay depends on your income level and whether you live in a long-term care facility:

  • Generic drugs and brands treated as generics: $0/$1.35/$3.95
  • Brand-name drugs: $0/$4.00/$9.85

You may still have to make other payments for Medicare Part A premiums, Part B premiums or waiver obligations. Waiver obligations are payments of excess income to remain eligible for community-based long-term care under a Medical Assistance waiver.

When you sign up for MSHO with us, we’ll help review your personal situation.

When you can sign up for or change your MSHO plan
  • When you become eligible for both Medical Assistance and Original Medicare (Parts A and B)
  • Once each quarter (January through September)
  • During annual open enrollment (October 15 through December 7)
HealthPartners MSHO plan available to you Offered in these counties
  • Anoka
  • Benton
  • Carver
  • Chisago
  • Dakota
  • Hennepin
  • Ramsey
  • Scott
  • Sherburne
  • Stearns
  • Washington
  • Wright

HealthPartners Minnesota Senior Health Options combines your Medical Assistance and Medicare benefits into one easy-to-use plan while also providing extra perks. You won’t pay any additional monthly premium. You also won’t pay anything for covered medical services if you go to an in-network doctor.

How to enroll

Call us at the number below or complete a paper application.

Phone hours for our MSHO sales team are:

  • From Oct. 1 through March 31, we’re available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, seven days a week.
  • From April 1 through Sept. 30, we’re available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday.

Need enrollment help or have more questions? Call 877-713-8215 (TTY 711) or email us at

See covered providers and medications
Already a member and need help?

Our Member Services team is here to answer your questions. Call us at 888-820-4285 (TTY 711).

  • From Oct. 1 through March 31, we’re available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, seven days a week.
  • From April 1 through Sept. 30, we’re available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday.

If you’re not a member yet, email us at for information and assistance.

Legal information

Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.

Last updated May 2022

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