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Questions about claims status, appeals and payments, authorization and general coding (not how to bill).
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Medical claim policies

Product Phone Fax Hours
Commercial 952-967-6633 / 866-429-1474 651-265-1230 M-F, 8am-5pm CT
Senior and Public 952-883-7699 / 888-663-6464 952-883-7666 M-F, 8am-5pm CT
Dental 651-265-1000 / 800-642-1323 651-265-1001 M-F, 8am-5pm CT

Medical Claims Dental Claims
Dental Claims Department
PO BOX 1289 PO BOX 1172
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1289 Minneapolis, MN 55440-1172

Coverage and benefits

Questions about benefits, eligibility, medical policies, member appeals, finding care outside of service area or your participation in a specific HealthPartners network/product/member plan.

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Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 4 p.m., CT

Product Phone Fax TTY
Commercial 952-883-5000 / 800-883-2177 952-883-5666 952-883-5127 /
Medicare Cost 952-883-7979 / 800-233-9645 952-883-7666
Medicare Advantage 888-360-0544 952-883-7333
MN Health Care Programs (MHCP) 952-967-7998 / 866-885-8880 952-883-7666

Contracting and Payer Relations

Questions about a contracting request status, your medical contract, tax id/billing npi/business ownership changes, contract language, administrative requirements, reimbursement, authorization rules, escalated service or CIGNA issues, or specific questions about doing business with HealthPartners.

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Phone Fax
Provider Contracting & Payer Relations 952-883-5589 / 888-638-6648 952-853-8848

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Check status of a medical or behavioral health contract request
Process for a medical or behavioral health contract request
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Check on the status of existing credentialing requests. Providers must already be contracted or working for a contracted provider to start the credentialing process.

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952-883-5755 / 866-630-0188

Other resources
More about credentialing, visit credentialing and enrollment

Dental administration and contracting

Contact with questions about dental contract, reimbursement or escalated service issues.

Phone Fax
Dental Network Contracting 952-883-5168 952-883-5160
Dental Provider Relations 952-883-6163 952-883-5160

Other resources
Become a participating dental provider with HealthPartners

Medical management

Type of care Phone Fax
General Medical Mgmt 952-883-7888 / 877-499-7888 952-853-8713
Disease & Case Mgmt 952-883-5469 / 800-871-9243 952-853-8745
Inpatient Case Mgmt 952-883-6277 / 800-255-1886 x36277 952-853-8748
HealthPartners Connect 952-883-5469 / 800-871-9243 952-853-8745
Hospital admission notification 952-883-6400 / 800-316-9807 952-853-8705

Prior authorization program
Prior authorization for services such as: procedures, habilitative, rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, home care, hospice, personal care attendant, and dme. See prior authorization list for details.

952-883-6333 / 888-467-0774

Behavioral health

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Phone Fax
Prior authorization 952-883-7501 / 866-669-3856 952-853-8830
Personalized Assistance Line (PAL) 952-883-5811 / 888-638-8787

Quality measurement and improvement

Questions about quality improvement, Clinical Indicators, HEDIS, medical practice guidelines, site surveys, complaint reporting or At Risk Registry program.

Email an inquiry to Quality Management

Phone Fax
952-883-6240 952-853-8735

Other resources
Quality and cost assessment information
Quality and measurement

Pharmacy administration

Questions about formulary exceptions or equivalents, specialty pharmacy and MTM programs.

Submit an inquiry to pharmacy administration

Hours Phone Fax
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. to 6 p.m., CT
952-883-5813 / 800-492-7259 952-853-8700 / 888-883-5434

Other resources
Formulary information
MTM program information
Pharmacy services


Questions about electronic claims submission, remittances, eligibility and EFT/ACH.

Submit an electronic transaction inquiry

Hours Phone
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., CT
952-883-7505 x3 / 855-699-6694

Other resources
Approved clearinghouses & Payer IDs
Electronic funds transfer (EFT)