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Approved clearinghouses

HealthPartners has relationships with the intermediaries listed below to provide clearinghouse functions for all providers. You may not see your clearinghouse listed below, however your vendor or clearinghouse most likely connects to them without your knowledge. Providers are required to contact these intermediaries directly to enroll for electronic transactions to HealthPartners.

Payer ID (94267)
When submitting claims, remittance advices and eligibility data electronically, the most important piece of information is the payer ID. Utilizing the correct payer ID reduces the likelihood of encountering rejections or denials. HealthPartners payer ID is 94267 for all Hospital, Medical, Dental, Claim Status and Eligibility transactions. If you do not see HealthPartners payer ID listed on your vendors payer list, contact your practice management system vendor or clearinghouse directly to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to avoid disruption and payment delays.

Providers may perform the following electronic transactions through HealthPartners approved clearinghouses.

Clearinghouse Claims
Claim Status
Availity X X X  
Smart Data Solutions(formerly ClaimLynx) X X X  
Change Healthcare
(formerly Emdeon)
Change Healthcare (formerly RelayHealth) X X X X
DentalXChange X X    
Health Fiscal Management, Inc. (HFMI)     X  
MN E-Connect/HealthEC X X X X
FinThrive     X  
Availity Healthia Exchange     X  
PNT Data (formerly Post-n-Track) X X X