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Join the HealthPartners network


DHS enrollment may be required to join our network

If you're a medical or behavioral health provider, you're required to enroll with DHS before applying to join our network if you're located in:

  • Minnesota
  • Any Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin county that borders Minnesota.
  • If you're a dental provider, you'll need to enroll with DHS only if you participate in Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid).

    If you're located outside of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin, you can apply to join Cigna, our national network partner. Learn more about the Cigna and HealthPartners Strategic Alliance.


    Already enrolled with DHS or exempt?

    If your organization and all it's practitioners are already enrolled with DHS or exempt, apply to join our network by selecting the type of care you provide

    Please note that:

  • We don't allow care to be provided in a practitioner's home or personal residence.
  • We don't guarantee you'll receive a contract.

  • Select the type of care you provide:

    We'll review your application and notify you of the results by phone, email or letter.

    Application review times vary and depend on the type of care you provide.

    Closed Networks: HealthPartners may deem certain specialties and/or regions in the existing HealthPartners provider network as sufficient or adequate according to access and availability standards. These specialties and/or regions are considered closed.

    Chiropractic services: HealthPartners contracts with Fulcrum Health, Inc. to access their network of providers. Please contact Fulcrum Health at 877-886-4941 or online at Join Fulcrum Health to apply.

    Durable Medical Equipment (DME): HealthPartners does not offer direct contracts for durable medical equipment. HOMELINK is our DME network administrator. Providers interested in participating in the DME network should submit a request to HOMELINK.