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Claims submission

Claims Submissions - 837

  1. HealthPartners Payer ID 94267
  2. Clearinghouse/Intermediaries
  3. Internet Claim Entry
  4. Cost & What to ask your clearinghouse


837 Transactions

HealthPartners accepts claims electronically our intermediaries/clearinghouses for the following transactions:

  • Professional Claim: 837V005010X222A1
  • Institutional Claim: 837V005010X223A2
  • Dental Claim: 837V005010X224A2



HealthPartners has relationships with the intermediaries listed below to provide clearinghouse functions for all providers. Providers are required to contact these intermediaries directly to enroll for electronic claim submission to HealthPartners. Use the links below to go directly to their website for additional information.


Clearinghouse/Intermediary Connection Type Internet DDE Phone Number
Availity Professional and Institutional Yes 800-Availity (282-4548)
Smart Data Solutions(formerly ClaimLynx) Professional and Institutional Yes 855-297-4436
Change Healthcare
(formerly Emdeon)
Professional, Institutional and Dental   866-924-4634
Change Healthcare (Formerly RelayHealth Professional and Institutional Yes 800-527-8133
DentalXChange Dental Only Yes 877-932-2567
MN E-Connect/HealthEC Professional, Institutional, and Dental Yes 877-444-7194
PNT Data (formerly Post-n-Track) Professional and Institutional Yes 860-257-2030


Internet Claim Entry

Several of HealthPartners contracted clearinghouses offer Direct Data Entry (DDE) solutions through the internet to providers that do not have system capability to submit claims electronically. Contact the clearinghouses that offer DDE to obtain more information.



Interface and installation fees for claim submission and remittance advice are dependent upon the facility, annual claim volume and other determining factors. HealthPartners pays the per claim charge when conducting business through our intermediaries for the 837 claims transactions only. Other connection costs may be incurred and are the responsibility of the provider.

In assessing your electronic capabilities, you may need to ask your software vendor the following questions:
  • Is there the capability to send claims electronically?
  • What clearinghouse(s) are claims submitted through?
  • Which payers receive claims electronically from your vendor?
  • What is the installation fee?

What to expect after the clearinghouse has been contacted:

  • HealthPartners receives the electronic registration request from its contracted clearinghouse. Registration forms must be submitted by the clearinghouse that HealthPartners has a contract with. Registration requests received directly from providers, software vendors, or billing services can not be accepted due to enrollment requirements.
  • HealthPartners will contact the clearinghouse within 2-3 business days to confirm registration and establish a production date.
  • Testing may be required by the clearinghouse to ensure that compliance standards are met. Please contact them directly to determine if testing is required.
  • HealthPartners clearinghouse will contact the originator of the request (provider, vendor, billing service) and communicate a production date or validate any information on that does not match HealthPartners records.
  • Production status will be established.