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MTM programs for pharmacists

HealthPartners MTM

This page is for pharmacist or provider use only.

If you have a Medicare plan with HealthPartners, get information about medication therapy management (MTM) programs. If you have a different plan with HealthPartners, please call Member Services at the number on the back of your ID card.

At HealthPartners, we help our members achieve optimal medication use in part by offering our medication therapy management (MTM) program. The core of our program is grounded in evidence that pharmacists integrated into patient care help achieve the triple aim: The best care at the lowest total cost with excellent patient experience. We support existing pharmacist-patient relationships wherever possible to achieve optimal medication related health outcomes.
HealthPartners offers compensation to pharmacists for MTM services provided to more than 800,000 members across our Medicaid, Commercial, and Medicare populations. We are currently looking to expand our provider network.

If you are interested in becoming a provider in our network, please complete the Join our network online form.

The next step is completing the MTM credentialing application.

If you would like more information about our program or about becoming a provider, please contact:
Nancy Jorgenson, Pharmacy Network Liaison
Phone: 952-883-6838

HealthPartners Documentation Tools

Clicking the button below will bring you to a web based tool built to allow MTM providers without access to a documentation system that can create the CMS standard format materials and/or the HealthPartners Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to meet documentation requirements.

Please remember that all HealthPartners Medicare members must be provided the CMS standard format materials within 14 days of a comprehensive medication review (CMR). Also remember that for all HealthPartners members, a CCD must be delivered to HealthPartners within 45 days of a completed MTM visit.

Start CMS standard format/CCD creator  

Program details

Below you will find information about HealthPartners MTM including specific information about our expectations, documentation requirements, claims submission, audit examples, use of registries to find a list of targeted patients that are already your patients, and more specific information about our various MTM programs.

HealthPartners provides information about targeted members to each participating provider through registries in the provider portal.

Our plans have program protocols and outcome elements for specific MTM programs. Some programs also require a signed participation form by the patient.

Download specific MTM program details  

Medication Covered by Incentives:

Additional Documents: