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SilverSneakers® for seniors

Reach your health and fitness goals with the SilverSneakers program

Regular physical activity is a great way to stay strong, keep your mind active, improve your mood, and build your overall health and well-being. Beyond the physical and mental health benefits, seniors who maintain an active lifestyle use health services less often and save money on health care costs.

The SilverSneakers program is a great way to reach your fitness goals and is offered with most HealthPartners Medicare plans at no extra cost to you.

SilverSneakers is more than a fitness program. It’s an opportunity to improve your health, maintain strength and mobility, and connect with your community. No matter how you like to stay active, SilverSneakers has you covered.

Thousands of fitness locations across the country

Get a health club membership at as many participating fitness clubs as you like. With thousands of locations – including national chains, local clubs and community centers – SilverSneakers can suit a range of fitness goals, from getting more flexible to training for race day.

Online classes designed for seniors

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced exercise enthusiast, the SilverSneakers program has online fitness classes to fit everyone, taught by supportive instructors trained in senior fitness.

Access to fitness programs on the go

With the SilverSneakers GO mobile app, you can access fitness programs on the go, track and schedule activities, find locations and get your member ID.

Extra tools and training

SilverSneakers knows maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes beyond the gym. Members also get no-cost access to:

  • One home-fitness kit every year
  • Online fitness and nutrition tips that cover topics like brain health, stress management and fall prevention
  • Discounts for nutritionists, physical therapists, essential oils, fitness equipment and more*

We want to support you in your health and fitness goals, which is why most HealthPartners Medicare plans offer the SilverSneakers program as well as other benefits to keep you healthy.

Access your SilverSneakers benefits

It’s never too late to start living a more active, healthier life. Take advantage of all SilverSneakers has to offer.

Legal information

*Discounts may not be applicable in all cases or for all members

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Last updated October 2022
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