For Mona James, giving is an integral part of her life. The RN care coordinator at Westfields Hospital & Clinic, a HealthPartners facility in New Richmond, Wis., has given to a variety of organizations and traveled on 14 medical mission trips all over the world. But she might say there’s no place like home.

mona tanzania

Making a difference you can see

“Westfields is the best place I have ever worked,” said Mona. “Giving locally is important to me; I can see the results. From scholarships for our own employees’ kids who study medicine, to helping provide transportation for patients coming to our cancer center – we can make a big impact.”

Through her five years at Westfields, Mona has given back to her organization each year, usually to Westfields Hospital & Clinic Foundation and its Greatest Need fund. But as a former Kindergarten teacher with a passion for education, she has also given to the scholarship fund, which awards scholarships to colleagues’ children who are going into health care.

Mona enjoys seeing the fruits of colleagues’ donations at Westfields in the healing garden outside the infusion center.

“That’s really nice that these people who are going through a hard time being treated for their cancer to have something beautiful to look at. The infusion rooms have windows to look outside. It’s a beautiful space where people can have lunch and go outside. They turned a vacant lot into beautiful space to look at.”

The power of giving

Mona believes that giving even a little helps a lot: “There’s a power in everyone giving … If we did that I think we could meet a lot of needs. Even if it’s small. If we all gave something, it would make a really big impact,” she said.

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Donating to your passion

If you’d like to join Mona in giving, consider making a donation to a HealthPartners foundation. Your gift of any amount will make a difference in the lives of our patients, employees like Mona and community!

Please select from the foundations listed below to make your gift. Thank you.