The woodworking business might not seem to have a lot in common with health care, but there’s a key similarity: both industries rely on protective gear. That’s why Rockler Woodworking and Hardware decided to step up with a donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) that was accepted by Park Nicollet Foundation and distributed to hospitals and clinics.

An older man and woman pose for a photo wearing Rockler work aprons.

Rockler’s executive chairman, Ann Jackson, is a former Park Nicollet board member and Foundation supporter who has deep ties to the organization.

"Park Nicollet has been a part of my life for years," she said. "I had my surgery at Methodist Hospital many years ago, and our son born there. Many of our employees use the hospital and clinics. So we really wanted to serve both the community and our associates."

Rockler donated hundreds of dollars’ worth of personal protective equipment, including face shields and safety glasses.

"Like everybody, we’re concerned with the lack of PPE that’s available in the health care system," said Rockler CEO Steve Singer. "We had some things that could help out and we’re happy to do our part to try to make a difference."

Singer said business was pretty slow in March, but has picked up as people stay home and do projects. But even in lean times, the company didn’t hesitate to donate some of the items it offers for sale.

"This is something that we felt the health care professionals needed," he said. "It’s a little different from our usual community involvement because it’s an immediate health and safety need for people on the front line. It’s really important for our country now."

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