The sudden shift to working from home has many of us still trying to adjust. For some people, it has caused a loss in routine and structure, as well as a lack of social connection. For others, removing a commute has given them more time and flexibility. But most of us share a common challenge: how to manage work-life balance when the two share the same space.

“Many of us never thought we would ever be working from home,” said Brian Bartlett, a counselor and manager at Programs for Change. “Give yourself some compassion and some grace for your struggles in dealing with this.”

We talked to Bartlett on the For Health’s Sake podcast about key strategies for working from home. Our conversation also covered:

  • How working from home has affected different groups of people
  • How to prevent the feeling that work never ends
  • Managing work schedules, routines and availability at home
  • The importance of physical and emotional self-care

Be kind to yourself and ask for help if you need it

As Bartlett explains, there’s a lot that you can do to maintain work-life balance at home. And although working from home can feel isolating, you’re not alone. Talking to friends and family about balancing daily life, or anything else, can be a great way to stay connected and look after yourself – and each other.

And if strong negative emotions like stress or anxiety are interfering with your work or your personal life, a mental health expert may be able to help.