by HealthPartners

For 24 years, Natalie Lu has always put others first while taking care of patients at Children’s Minnesota. From volunteer services to her current role as Quality and Patient Safety Coach, she’s on the front line of helping improve her patient’s well-being. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys creating. Whether it be crafting new meals in the kitchen or drawing on paper, she likes activities that inspire her and help her wellness goals stay visible.

In the winter of 2019, Natalie reflected on her wellness journey while looking over activity options to complete the Children’s Minnesota | Be Well program requirements. The HealthPartners personal health coaching option caught her attention.

“As a coach myself, I was drawn to the health coaching activity because it makes me more authentic in how I approach coaching others,” Natalie said. “My personal health coach, Daniella, shows up with curiosity and compassion, which makes our coaching calls a safe space to learn and grow together. This inspires my vision for how I can do my part in health care, which is rooted in self-care.”

The ability to connect virtually with her health coach was especially impactful during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Participating in health coaching during this time helped me reestablish the basics of good health — exercising, staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet and getting a better night’s sleep,” Natalie said. “My health coach made me realize that how I was working before was not sustainable. Now, I’ve discovered ways to find more healthy balance in my life.”

A couple of months later, Natalie brought a new perspective to work with her each day.

As the health care industry continues to work through a global pandemic, Natalie's engagement in health coaching helps her see the correlation between wellness and patient safety. “I now recognize both personally, and in the literature, the parallels between employee wellness and patient safety,” she said. “What care can you provide for others that you don’t provide for yourself? It’s important to make our wellness a priority if we want to effectively promote the wellness of others.”

Why you should work with a health coach

As the result of connecting with her HealthPartners coach, Natalie gained a new perspective on personal wellness as a health care worker and gained insight into the importance of her own well-being.

“By participating in health coaching, I'm now able to establish a clear plan for my wellness goals. I have someone with an outside perspective to support me, ask questions, hold me accountable and help me be open to both barriers and breakthroughs. My coach has turned my ‘to-do’ list into a ‘ta-da’ list.”

If you’re ready to start with a health and well-being coach, log in to your HealthPartners online account and select the “Living Well” tab. Click “Go to Living Well” to see Health Coaching as an available activity. Or call 952-883-7800.