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Online patient services terms and conditions

I Understand That:

  • The HealthPartners Online Patient Services system (formerly known as "MyChart") contains selected, limited information from my medical record. A complete paper copy of my medical record is available to me through the Release of Information Services Department.
  • The unique user name and password I create to access HealthPartners Web site is for my own personal use. I am responsible for protecting the confidentiality of my user name and password and will change my user name or password if I believe that it has been compromised in any way.
  • If I am requesting access for another adult patient (i.e., a patient who is 18 years of age or older), access will not be granted unless a signed Online Patient Services Adult Proxy Access Request form has been submitted and approved. The adult patient must also sign the form. The form and its instructions are located at
  • I may make a copy of this form for my personal records.
  • My activities in Online Patient Services (e.g., the information I access, the messages I send to and receive from HealthPartners in the Secure Messaging section) may become part of my medical record and can be tracked/audited.
  • I may inactivate my access to the Online Patient Services system at any time by submitting a message using "Contact Us" or notifying, in writing, the Online Patient Services Central Administration team at the following address:
    Mailstop: 25508D
    PO Box 1309
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-1309
  • Online Patient Services access to a minor patient's record is limited and is automatically terminated on the minors eighteenth birthday.
  • Authorized access to an adult patient's record in Online Patient Services by someone other than the adult patient will expire 12 months from the date access is granted unless an earlier expiration date is listed on the Online Patient Services Adult Proxy Access Request form or a written revocation of the Online Patient Services Adult Proxy Access Request form is received.
  • HealthPartners may revoke my access to Online Patient Services at any time, for any reason.
  • Access to medical record information through Online Patient Services is provided by HealthPartners as a convenience to their patients, and my use of Online Patient Services is completely voluntary. I am not required to use Online Patient Services, and I do not have to agree to these terms.
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