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Paperless terms and conditions

(Please note: If you’re a HealthPartners UnityPoint Health member, your plan is underwritten and/or administered by HealthPartners UnityPoint Health, Inc. or through its subcontractor HealthPartners Administrators Inc., which is a part of the HealthPartners family. When you select certain sublinks on this page, you may be redirected to a website to view content and information applicable to you as HealthPartners UnityPoint Health plan member.)

By going paperless, you’ll get select plan documents and messages in your secure HealthPartners account. You’ll also:

  1. Get these in your account:
    • Summary plan descriptions, evidence of coverage, and your member handbook
    • Explanation of benefits
    • Claims
    • Coverage info
  2. Control your delivery preference. Go back to paper if you change your mind. Just log on and click “Account Settings” to change your preferences, including any changes to your email address. You can change your delivery preferences at any time with no charge.
  3. Get a paper copy of any online document when you want for no cost
  4. Get paper copies if your email address stops working
  5. Get plan documents for your children ages 12 and younger
  6. Keep getting plan documents online if you become a Medicare member through HealthPartners. If you become a Medicare member, you’ll get:
    • Medicare Evidence of Coverage
    • Annual notification of change letters
    • Explanation of benefits
    • Doctor directories
    • Pharmacy directories
    • Medicine info
  7. You can access your account through any device that you use to access the internet via a supported web browser. Once you log in to your account all documents are accessible via Adobe software, which is available to you on our website. All documents are retained in your account for ongoing access.
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