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Search the GenericsAdvantageRx

What’s the GenericsAdvantageRx drug list?

This is the list of medicines (a drug list sometimes also called a formulary) covered by your health plan. The drug list is reviewed by a team of clinical experts every three months for new medicines, safety alerts and other developments.

Note: The GenericsAdvantageRx drug list may not be covered under your health plan. Please log on for personalized drug list information.

Search the GenericsAdvantageRx drug list

You can also print the complete GenericsAdvantageRx formulary by selecting your plan from the list below.


MN and WI

  • 2-tier coverage(PDF)
    • Small Group
      • HSA (MN Only)
    • EZ
      • HSA (MN Only)
      • Distinctions HSA plan
  • 4-tier coverage(PDF)
    • Small Group
      • Platinum 25-95
      • Gold 500-30
      • Gold 500-45
      • Gold 750-45
      • Gold 1000-30
      • Gold 1000-45
      • Silver 3000-50
      • Three for Free (All)
      • HRA (All)
      • HSA (WI Only)
    • EZ
      • Copay plans (All)
      • Copay-Deductible plans (All)
      • Three for Free plans (All)
      • Distinctions Copay-Deductible plan
  • 5-tier coverage(PDF)
    • Small Group and EZ
      • HSA Rx Plus (All)



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