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Looking for a convenient way to motivate and educate your employees? You’ve come to the right place. No matter what health problems you’re trying to solve, we have a campaign to help. Each toolkit has easy-to-use, engaging and empowering materials designed to help members:

  • Choose and use the plan that’s best for them
  • Choose the best care based on cost and circumstance
  • Get the most from their care

To use these toolkits:

  1. Edit – Customize the materials based on your group’s benefits. Pay special attention to highlighted information and remove the highlights when you’re done.
  2. Distribute – Post, link or attach files to your intranet, e-newsletters or emails. You can also print and hand out flyers with enrollment or new hire packets.

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Choosing and using your health plan

Help your workforce understand how their plan works and what’s available to them. That way, they’ll be able to make the best possible decision about their plan, care and health.

Support your employees with the transition to HealthPartners, whether your company is brand new or you’re growing your staff.

Help members get the most from their health plan, learn common health care terms and understand what’s covered by their plan and how to plan for future costs.

Help members use their FSA, HRA and HSA accounts effectively. Topics include how plans work, using debit cards, getting reimbursed and building savings.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Using their plan – Quarter 1 Choosing care based on cost and circumstance – Quarter 2 Getting the most from their care – Quarter 3 Choosing the best health plan – Quarter 4 Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Health Savings Account (HSA) Using their plan – Quarter 1 Choosing care based on cost and circumstance – Quarter 2 Getting the most from their care – Quarter 3 Choosing the best health plan – Quarter 4

Encourage use of the EAP (if available with your plan). This tool helps your employees manage stress, be more productive at work and live healthier every day.

Get employees connected to HealthPartners web and mobile resources. These tools help them manage their plan, cut costs, shop for care and find local support.

Promote products and services that reduce prescription costs, like mail order pharmacy, generic medicines, our drug cost calculator and more.

Choosing the best care

Help your workforce discover their options through their health plan, find the best place to get care, estimate their costs and more.

Help members know where to go when they need care, like how to choose among urgent care, the ER, CareLineSM or Virtuwell. This campaign helps members make the best, most cost-effective choice.

Help your employees choose the best place for surgery. You can customize the materials in this campaign to list your qualifying surgeries and benefit information.

Teach your employees to be savvy health care customers, including how to shop for care and look up costs before going to the doctor.

Help your employees learn about their health plan’s nationwide network coverage through the Open Access, Perform or Achieve networks.

Encourage use of Virtuwell, a 24/7 online clinic that treats over 60 common conditions. Employees will save time, and you’ll increase productivity.

Well-being campaign programs

Choose from a variety of ready-to-go campaign communications for your well-being initiatives.

It’s time to get back to doing the things that you love. Whether that’s attending weddings, going to concerts, chasing your children around or simply relaxing with a good book. You’ve got a lot to look forward to, so why not make it your healthiest year yet? This toolkit focuses on remembering the important things in life that we want to be healthy for.

Getting started Program launch Health assessment benefits Well-being activity launch Program reminder Program last chance Activity emails Activity flyers

We’re constantly on the go. When schedules are tight, you can still make health and well-being part of your day – at work, at home and in between. Intended for a busy audience looking for a convenient way to accomplish their health goals anywhere, anytime – right from your smartphone.

Getting started Program overview Health assessment – general Health assessment – invitation Health assessment – reminder Health assessment – last chance Well-being programs
Depending on your program design, your employees can talk to a health coach, try an online program or interact with a virtual coach:
Well-being activities – general Well-being activities – launch Well-being activities – reminder Well-being activities – last chance

This toolkit encourages participants to step out of their comfort zone and try something different, whether that’s going to the gym, taking a walk or eating healthier. Whatever their health goals are, you can encourage employees to take action and shake things up.

Program launch Health assessment Activity launch midpoint Activity reminder Last chance

Sample communications calendar

Program launch Health assessment promotion Activity launch Activity promotion Incentive reminders Program close

Finding better health in a changing world can be difficult. But with the right tools and resources, you can be inspired to unlock your health potential. These resources will help you guide employees toward finding better health in a way that works for them.

Program launch Health assessment benefits Health assessment reminder Activity promotion Last chance
Well-being challenges

Motivate your workforce to become their healthiest selves with these fun, interactive wellness challenges.

Making simple, healthy choices each day can have a big impact on your employees’ health. This simple and fun six-week challenge will motivate your workforce to eat fruits and veggies, step away from electronics, get moving and cut out sugary drinks. Engaging tools, tips and trackers will give your employees the support they need to succeed.

Announcement materials Challenge templates Challenge materials Weekly emails Weekly flyers Weekly newsletter

Expand your health and wellness program into a well-being program with the financial fitness challenge. In this six-week challenge, your participants will focus on setting actionable goals around saving money, reducing debt and investing. The tools, tips and trackers give your employees the support to start taking control of their financial well-being.

Announcement materials Weekly email banners Weekly newsletter

In this four-week challenge, your participants will focus on incorporating gratitude into their daily lives. Practicing gratitude has been shown to help people deal with daily problems and stress. Engaging tools and trackers will give your participants the resources they need to begin incorporating daily gratitude.

Announcement materials Challenge templates Weekly emails

Getting a good night's sleep is important to an individual's overall well-being. In this four-week challenge, participants will learn how to get good quality sleep that will improve their mood, reduce their stress and lower their risk of diabetes and heart disease. The weekly emails provide participants with tips, tools and support to help them improve their sleep habits.

Announcement materials Challenge materials Weekly emails

Research shows that eating a lot of sugar can contribute to weight, blood pressure and cholesterol issues. In this six-week challenge, participants will learn more about sugar in the foods and drinks they consume. Plus, they'll get help making better choices. Weekly emails and newsletters provide participants with the tools and resources they need to decrease the amount of sugary food and drinks they consume.

Announcement materials Challenge materials Weekly emails
Healthier habits and preventive care

Help your workforce stay on top of their health and develop long-term habits with these engaging tools and resources.

Empower employees to take control of their health with monthly health campaigns on topics like stress, sleep, mental health, exercise, nutrition and more.

Financial well-being Heart health Nutrition Back health Mental health Family well-being Sleep Preventive care Immunizations Dental health Resilience and stress Physical activity

Promote preventive care by helping members know what screenings they need, what’s covered and how to find a primary care doctor.

General preventive care Primary care doctor Colon cancer screening Breast cancer screening Cervical cancer screening

Keep your workforce healthy and productive during flu season. Inform employees about flu prevention and treatment, or promote your onsite flu clinic.

Fight the flu Onsite flu shot clinic

We’re proud to partner with a variety of trusted providers to offer easy and convenient onsite workplace flu clinics.

Increase healthy eating behaviors and options at your workplace. This campaign encourages better-for-you eating, so the better choice becomes the easy choice.

1. Get commitment and support 2. Create food policies, guidelines and recommendations 3. Establish food service and vending agreements (for use with your vendors) 4. Make the better choice an easy choice 5. Develop a communications and implementation plan (for use with your employees)

Help employees manage their stress. This toolkit will connect them to resources that help build emotional resilience.

Building resilience Improving physical health Handling stress Healthy thinking Mental health Dealing with stress through relaxation Developing supportive relationships Gratitude

Help your employees, county or community recognize the dangers of opioids and learn why it’s important to safely dispose of unused prescription medications.

Promotional materials Blog articles Social media posts to share Videos Print materials Web banner Speakers available Lori Lewis

Lori Lewis lost her son Ryan to an opioid overdose when he was just 23. Lori is a registered nurse and currently works in health care information technology. She volunteers for several organizations dedicated to education, prevention and treatment of opioid addiction, including the Steve Rummler Hope Network, Thrive! Family Addiction Support, Adult & Teen Challenge and Minnesota Recovery Connection. She is a trained Peer Recovery Specialist who coaches others on their path to recovery. Contact Lori at

Josh Moe

Josh Moe was a college student when he became addicted to opioids. He’s been in recovery for more than eight years and now leads a digital analytics team in Health Informatics. He also has a consulting business where he helps local organizations with their digital analytics practices. In his free time, Josh passionately follows college football, traveling across the country to attend games in new cities. His bucket list includes hitting every stadium in the Southeastern Conference. He also enjoys applying his analytical skills to winning his fantasy football leagues. Outside of football season, Josh and his wife enjoy working out, cooking and spending time outdoors. Contact Josh at

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