For health's sake · Playtime with babies

How movement and play can help your baby get life started on the right foot

You’ve put plastic covers over all the outlets, set up a gate at the top of the stairs, added padding to sharp corners… Babyproofing is hard work! But it’s more than worth it when your new bundle of joy starts to eagerly explore the world you’ve created for them.

Safety and supervision are always key. But going beyond the basics, how do you help your child’s movement and playtime get off to a strong start in those exciting first few months of life?

For Health’s Sake spoke to Dr. Jessica Najarian-Bell, a pediatrician at Stillwater Medical Group, to learn all about moving and playing with your baby. Drawing on her years of expertise, Dr. Najarian-Bell discussed:

  • How developing good motor skills can set your child up for all kinds of success
  • Which motor milestones to look for in your baby (and at which ages)
  • Why “tummy time” is so important – and how and when to get your baby started

All parents want to support their child’s growth and development, and healthy movement is an essential first step on this lifelong path. Check out our podcast to hear Dr. Najarian-Bell’s professional tips for creating an active, curious and engaged infant.