A toddler intently focused on hitting the triangle instrument her mother is holding with a small metal rod.

Free music classes for kids ages 0-5 through MacPhail Center for Music

The beauty of music comes from a number of elements. There’s the coordination and skill involved in playing instruments and the collaboration of the musicians involved. Then, of course, there’s the artistry – the great range of emotions, experiences and cultural influences that music can express and help us relate to.

Knowing all of this, it’s no surprise that kids can benefit from engaging with music. Even the research is clear: regular exposure in early childhood can support many important areas of development. From motor skills and self-regulation to language, literacy and social skills, being musical encourages growth in both body and mind.

That’s why HealthPartners is excited to partner with MacPhail Center for Music to bring free parent-child music classes to our community throughout the Twin Cities and the greater metro area. We want every child to have a healthy start and a bright future, and we believe that music can contribute to both.

What to know about these parent-child music classes

About MacPhail Center for Music

For over 100 years, MacPhail has been using music education to transform lives and strengthen communities. Their commitment to expertise, inclusion and innovation has seen them become the largest community music school in the United States, with over 200 teaching artists and 15,000 enrolled students of all ages and backgrounds.