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(Please note: If you’re a HealthPartners UnityPoint Health member, your plan is underwritten and/or administered by HealthPartners UnityPoint Health, Inc. or through its subcontractor HealthPartners Administrators Inc., which is a part of the HealthPartners family. When you select certain sublinks on this page, you may be redirected to a website to view content and information applicable to you as HealthPartners UnityPoint Health plan member.)

Effective as of February 26, 2020

Here is some information you should know before deciding to receive email from us.

What is the HealthPartners email program?

Because email is a convenient way of communicating with its members and patients, HealthPartners lets you choose to receive certain messages related to your health coverage or health services from HealthPartners by email.

You may choose to receive email by checking the appropriate box in the Account settings area of You can change your preferences any time you want.

No one is required to agree to receive email from HealthPartners.

HealthPartners will send email to you at the address you provide when you set up your account. Please remember to update your account settings if you change your email address.

Is email secure?

Despite any security procedure and methods your email service provider may have, they may not prevent someone from intercepting your message. Therefore an email message is not considered 100% secure.

For this reason, HealthPartners will take care to not send you email that contains unnecessary personal information. If we have a message for you that may contain sensitive personal information, we will send you an email telling you that there is a secure message for you in your inbox that you can read on your account. Messages in that inbox are secure; so are responses you may make from that Inbox.

A message addressed to your personal email address could be read by anyone who has access to your email account. Some people have their phone set to have an email message appear on the screen even if the phone is locked. This may let someone else read the message. You can change your phone settings to change this, if you want.

Are there other rules about email I should know about?

HealthPartners Website terms of use and its Website privacy policy, which you have already agreed to if you registered with, apply to your participation in the HealthPartners email program.

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