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Pharmacy services

At HealthPartners, we want your medicine to make you healthier – not just relieve your symptoms. That’s why offer programs that help you find affordable treatments that work well together and are easy to fill.

Pharmacy Navigators

Doctors prescribe drugs and pharmacists fill them. But who helps make sure you’re getting the most from your drug insurance benefits?

Pharmacy navigators are here to help you with questions like:

  • How to receive prior authorization
  • Finding effective alternatives to high-cost drugs
  • Finding the most affordable pharmacy near you

Call 866-836-6938 and ask for a pharmacy navigator.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

If you’re on more than one medicine, you may wonder how well they’re interacting. Especially if they’ve been prescribed by more than one doctor.

Our specially-trained pharmacists are experts at looking at your medications holistically. At a one-on-one Medication Therapy Management (MTM) appointment, they’ll review all the drugs you’re taking. Then, they’ll work with your doctor to create the best medicine plan for you.

Your MTM pharmacist can help you with:

  • Managing medication interactions
  • Recommending alternative drugs or combinations that reduce unpleasant side effects
  • Finding more affordable medicines or non-prescription options

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your medicine.

Find an MTM pharmacist near you, then call 952-967-7969 to schedule an appointment.

Free prescription delivery

If you have our insurance or use our pharmacy, you can get free prescription delivery. We send your medicine in a plain mailer and it usually arrives within 4 days.

Plan members

It's easy to get started with our Mail Order Pharmacy. Depending on your plan, you may be able to get a 3 month supply for just 2 copays.

Pharmacy patients

Your HealthPartners pharmacy offers free prescription delivery. Once you set up your first delivery over the phone, you can order refills online.

Learn about prescription delivery

Medication disposal

Did you know that some medicines shouldn’t go in the trash? Proper disposal helps keeps your family safe and protects the environment. We’re proud to offer free, safe drop-off locations for unneeded or expired drugs at all our pharmacies.

Find a location

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