The ModelHealth™ family of models


The HealthPartners Institute (the Institute) health economics team has developed a family of models collectively known as ModelHealth™, which includes topic-focused models addressing obesity, tobacco use, cardiovascular disease and many others. The work has been under way since 1999. Microsimulation (See video on microsimulation modeling at right) and agent-based models are a key part of the team’s work.

The ModelHealth family of models has been used in multiple ways to inform policy and medical decision-making at the national and local level. Examples include:

  • Creating a free resource to show the impact of policies and programs up to 30 years into the future – at the national, state or county level;
  • Modeling the impact on childhood obesity of taxing sugar-sweetened beverages;
  • Conducting decision analyses on aspirin use for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force;
  • Performing analyses for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of selected policies affecting tobacco, cardiovascular disease and obesity that show the health impact and cost/cost savings by insurer type; and
  • Updating the nationally influential rankings of clinical preventive services;
  • and more

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