Resident Assistance Program


A service for you and your family...

At times its human nature to feel anxiety, frustration, depression, guilt, or anger. Feelings such as these could stem from family tensions, financial problems, or career-related stresses. Whatever your situation may be RAP is available to help.

It is understandable that for some people it takes a great deal of courage to ask for help. With that in mind, The Metro Minnesota Council on Graduate Medical Education has contracted with an agency called The Sand Creek Group to provide your Resident Assistance Program (RAP) . It is an employee assistance program designed specifically for residents. Sand Creek's counselors have particular expertise in dealing with the unique needs of individuals in their residency training programs. Now there is a number you can call whenever the need arises. In making that phone call, you will receive help in addressing the issue, and finding options for achieving resolution.

RAP is for you and your family members, your faculty, attending physicians, department heads and supervisors who need help dealing with resident-related concerns.

Your privacy is protected...

Since privacy is a primary concern, an outside firm provides your RAP services in a strictly confidential manner. Your written consent is required to disclose information.

What is the Cost?
There is no charge associated with assessment and short term counseling services provided through the RAP Program.

When additional or more specialized services are indicated, you will be referred to outside resources for help. In those cases, your RAP counselor will work with you to locate appropriate, accessible and affordable resources, based on your specific needs and preferences. Health insurance plans most often provide some coverage for a variety of mental health and chemical dependency concerns.

Help is Available Anytime...
When the Sand Creek administrative offices are closed, their back-up clinical service answers calls on a 24 - hour basis. Licensed mental health professionals staff this service. You can feel comfortable accessing this program at any time of day.

RAP is designed to be flexible...

RAP is designed to be flexible and to accommodate your busy sRAP is designed to be flexible and to accommodate your busy schedule. You may either talk with a counselor at one of many Sand Creek clinical offices around the metro area or meet at your hospital. Appointments are scheduled throughout the day. Evening hours are available as well.

RAP is Here for You...

Counselors at Sand Creek are available to help you address issues and personal concerns such as the examples listed below.

  •     My debts have become overwhelming. How can I get a handle on them?
  •     I think the stress of my residency is impacting my health. How do I discreetly find out?
  •     I worry about my career choice. Who should I talk to?
  •     My relationship isnt fulfilling but I dont want to be alone. What do I do now?
  •     My spouse is having difficulty adjusting to my residency. How do we adjust in a way that works for both of us?

Call for Assistance Or More Information
Whatever the issue, a counselor will work with you to help address your problem.
651-430-3383 or 800-632-7643

The Sand Creek Group
The Sand Creek Group, our Resident Assistance Program (RAP) provider, has a website with useful information including current and back issues of their newsletter, called The Sand Paper. To access The Sand Creek Group Website, please click on the link below. The Newsletter can be accessed by clicking on The Sand Paper from their homepage.