Patient education

HealthPartners’ Patient Education team collaborates with care teams and departments across HealthPartners to support clinical quality, patient and member experience, and pay-for-performance goals. The team develops, implements and evaluates patient education resources that inform and engage patients and members. Content and resources are evidence-based, provide consistent messaging and meet health literacy guidelines.

Patient Education provides nutrition education services at Park Nicollet clinics to support patients in making dietary changes to treat medical conditions. Patient Education also supports organizational healthy eating initiatives such as Connecting the Dots childhood obesity task force, pediatric and adult weight management programs, yumPower school challenge and Camp 5210.

In addition, the Institute supports care teams in the delivery of classes and support groups to help educate, encourage and empower patients. Educational opportunities range from nutrition classes to childbirth classes to living with chronic conditions. Support groups help patients in similar health stages connect and share experiences. View classes.

Patient Education produced health literacy guidelines and summarized the research supporting them in “Health Literacy Guidelines at HealthPartners: An Evidence-Based Strategy.” These health literacy standards are being implemented across the organization.