HealthPartners Knowledge Exchange

The HealthPartners Knowledge Exchange is a publicly available repository of research and scholarly material generated by staff and collaborators. The Knowledge Exchange enables discovery, collaboration, and learning across institutions. The content accessible through the Knowledge Exchange's search and browse capability will therefore reside and be controlled locally or linked to the journal sites where the articles were published.

The Knowledge Exchange is built on local instance of the VIVO platform. Vivo is an open-source semantic web application originally developed and implemented at Cornell University. When installed and populated with content at an institution, it enables the discovery of research and scholarship across disciplines at that institution. VIVO supports browsing and a search function which returns faceted results for rapid retrieval of desired information. Content in any local VIVO installation may be maintained manually or brought into the database in automated ways from local systems of record.

See more information on the VIVO Project. The VIVO Project was supported by National Institutes of Health grant no. 1U24RR029822-01. The HealthPartners Institute VIVO project resides in the Institute’s Research Library, with support from the Research Librarian, Software Engineering Team, and the office of the HealthPartners Institute President and Chief Science Officer.

HealthPartners Knowledge Exchange Editorial Board

It is the purpose of the Knowledge Exchange Editorial Board to provide strategic guidance for the operation of the Knowledge Exchange as a source of trustworthy information to the system-at-large and the broader community.

Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

Members of the Editorial Board are asked to establish and maintain proper guidance for the ongoing design, development, and operations of the Knowledge Exchange. This guidance is expected to:


David Dries, MD

Managing Editors

Barb Olson-Bullis

Jeanette Tschida

Business & Digital Content Editor

Richard Paskach

Web Development & Technology

Santhosh Anand Ramia

Executive Sponsors

Jen Augustson, MPH

Nico Pronk, Ph.D.

Editorial Board Members

Felix Ankel, MD

Benoit Blondeau, MD

Christine Bloom

Ralph Bovard, MD

Nima Desai, MD

Eli Gertner, MD

Benji Matthews, MD

MJ Morrison

Brad Nelson, MD

Nico Pronk, PhD

Brian Rank, MD

Megan Reams

Gregg Simonson, PhD

Jeremy Springer, MD

Priya Sury, MD, PhD

Jeanette Ziegenfuss, PhD

Dylan Zylla, MD