Novel pattern identification through standardized data display using the ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report [abstract] Abstract uri icon
  • Background and Aims: Lack of a common glucose report, streamlined data acquisition, and aggregated reports across devices lead to difficulty fully using the data available and frustration among clinicians and patients. The IDC developed an endorsed standardized report that can be used across all glucose devices called the Ambulatory Glucose Profile (CapturAGP).
    1.Evaluate streamlined, standardized cloud-based glucose reporting using Capt ūrAGP™ software and report
    2. Assess patient and clinician preferences regarding the AGP report including presentation of glucose data, standardized terminology and utility in diabetes management
    Method: Seven diverse clinical sites were recruited representing different practice styles from across the United States, all with large Type 1 DM populations (n = 140 patients and 17 clinicians). The study included EMR integration, time in motion, workflow mapping and surveys of all patients/families and clinicians.
    Results: Patients reported better understanding of glucose patterns by using the AGP (CGM users 70%; SMBG users 64%). Patients also reported that with the AGP they saw new trends and patterns (SMBG 90%; CGM 92%).
    Clinicians reported that the AGP report when compared to other data sources was best at helping educate patients about glucose patterns (89%) and for helping the clinicians see patterns 84%.
    Conclusion: A standardized glucose report that aggregates results from multiple devices streamlines clinical processes. Patients/families, and clinicians reported that they could clearly see glucose patterns using the AGP. Expedient glucose pattern recognition allows valuable clinical visit time to be spent in shared decision making conversations rather than in data collection/interpretation.

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