From novice to expert: simulation-based learning raise confidence and competency levels of oncology nurses in chemotherapy-biotherapy administration [abstract] Abstract uri icon
  • With recent advancements in the use of technology, simulation training provides a safe environment to enhance skills. Chemotherapy administration is considered high-risk therefore simulation based education and competency may provide value in ensuring the oncology nurse is extensively trained on the safe administration of chemotherapy. We piloted a feasibility study using simulation based learning to improve nurses’ confidence, knowledge, and skills in 4 core areas including chemotherapy/biotherapy administration, management of chemotherapy/biotherapy hypersensitivity reactions, management of chemotherapy extravasations, and management of chemotherapy spills. The secondary objective was to measure the impact of simulation training and competency on chemotherapy near misses and errors 1 year pre and post implementation. A baseline survey and online education were required. The nurses then received live education in the 4 core areas over 3 hours utilizing interactive simulation mannequins. Simulation based competencies were conducted within 2 months of training and nurses were required to complete the competency within 90 minutes in 3 core areas (excluding spills). We measured self-rated confidence in the 4 core areas at baseline, 3 months, and 9 months using a 5 point continuous scale from extremely NOT confident to extremely confident. A total of 40 oncology nurses completed the interactive simulation based competency. At baseline 57.6% rated themselves as confident or extremely confident in the 4 core areas versus 97.06% at 3 months. In regards to chemotherapy extravasations, 26.19% rated themselves as confident or extremely confident at baseline vs 94.12% at the 3 months post survey. Furthermore, self-reported confidence in skills as an oncology nurse improved from baseline with 65.12% reporting confident or extremely confident in skills vs 95.83% at 8 months. Interactive skill based education utilizing a simulation mannequin improved the confidence, knowledge, and skills of the oncology nurses. Secondary endpoints on the impact of enhanced training and competencies on chemotherapy errors and near misses will be evaluated at 1 year pre and post implementation. There is limited information in the literature with oncology based simulation competencies; our data demonstrates the utility of the program in improving oncology nursing confidence and skills.

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