The use of continuous glucose monitoring with multiple daily injections of insulin in T1D and T2D: The DIAMOND Study [presentation] Presentation uri icon


  • This presentation will focus on the findings and implications of the Diamond Study. This study considers the number of type 1 and type 2 insulin users and how those users access and are delivered technology. The session will focus on the technology that can be used to deliver insulin as well as to monitor blood glucose, using CGM. Additionally, throughout this session, the participant will understand the DIAMOND study design. This includes; whether or not using CGM in patients who take multiple daily injections of insulin (MDI) is beneficial, describes the impact of CGM in Type 1 diabetes pts on MDI, reviews A1c outcomes, CGM outcomes, how patient characteristics influence outcomes, etc. Lastly, the presenter will review the impact of the DIAMOND study on clinical practice, which patients benefit most from CGM, how CGM improves glucose control, best approaches to educating patients about how to use CGM to improve diabetes outcomes. This session is aimed to answer the question about what future research is needed to answer additional questions regarding the use of CGM in diabetes care.