Advances in technology for management of type 1 diabetes [review] Review uri icon


  • Technological advances have had a major effect on the management of type 1 diabetes. In addition to blood glucose meters, devices used by people with type 1 diabetes include insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, and, most recently, systems that combine both a pump and a monitor for algorithm-driven automation of insulin delivery. In the next 5 years, as many advances are expected in technology for the management of diabetes as there have been in the past 5 years, with improvements in continuous glucose monitoring and more available choices of systems that automate insulin delivery. Expansion of the use of technology will be needed beyond endocrinology practices to primary-care settings and broader populations of patients. Tools to support decision making will also need to be developed to help patients and health-care providers to use the output of these devices to optimise diabetes management.

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  • 2019