Clinical application of emerging sensor technologies in diabetes management: consensus guidelines for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) [review] Review uri icon
  • Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an evolving technology poised to redefine current concepts of glycemic control and optimal diabetes management. To date, there are few randomized studies examining how to most effectively use this new tool. Therefore, a group of eight diabetes specialists heard presentations on continuous glucose sensor technology and then discussed their experience with CGM in order to identify fundamental considerations, objectives, and methods for applying this technology in clinical practice. The group concluded that routine use of CGM, with real-time data showing the rate and direction of glucose change, could revolutionize current approaches to evaluating and managing glycemia. The need for such progress is indicated by the growing prevalence of inadequately treated hyperglycemia. Coordinating financial and educational resources and developing clear protocols for using glucose sensor technology are urgent priorities in promoting wide adoption of CGM by patients and health care providers. Finally, researchers, manufacturers, payers, and advocacy groups must join forces on the policy level to create an environment conducive to managing continuous data, measuring outcomes, and formalizing best practices.

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