HMO Research Network Rural Health SIG: first report [poster] Conference Poster uri icon
  • Background: The HMORN Rural Health SIG aims to facilitate rural health research by providing a forum to discuss ideas, determine needs, and identify investigators and resources that lead to research proposals, sponsored projects, and published manuscripts in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Rural areas have about 25% of the USA population (75 million people). Their health status and needs are distinctly different from non-rural populations and have been disproportionately understudied, but yet have great health disparities. At least 7 HMORN member organizations have substantial rural populations that provide compelling research opportunities. Methods: The Rural Health SIG has been convened using similar methods as the 11 other SIGs, including monthly teleconference meetings, annual face-to-face meetings, and several subgroups working on various projects. Our goals: 1) implement and sustain this SIG, 2) leverage other HMORN SIGs and funded research networks, 3) determine rural research studies done or in progress by HMORN investigators, 4) produce research grant applications, 5) publish results of our research, and 6) assemble rural health-focused investigators and resources to achieve these goals. Results: We currently have 29 active members from 7 HMORN member organizations that have contributed to collaborative and innovative rural health research. To date, the Rural Health SIG has one manuscript under review, 3 manuscripts in process, and several initiatives that may lead to collaborative research grant applications over the next year or two. Conclusions: Much has been accomplished since the HMORN Rural Health SIG was formed in early 2012. We will present our work completed through April 2013, our short- and longterm goals, and encourage other HMORN organizations and investigators to join in this effort.

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  • 2013
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