Parental perceptions of their adolescent's weight status: the ECHO study Journal Article uri icon
  • OBJECTIVES: To assess the correlates of parental classification of adolescent weight status. METHODS: Measured adolescent weight status was compared to parent self-report perception data (n = 374 dyads) using multivariate analyses with interactions to identify characteristics associated with inaccurate parent classification of adolescent weight status. RESULTS: Adolescent weight status was underestimated by 31% of parents. College-educated parents were more likely to underestimate the weight of their male adolescents (OR = 1.95) and overweight adolescents (OR = 4.0). Non-college-educated parents were 8.92 times as likely to misclassify overweight adolescents, regardless of the sex of the child. CONCLUSIONS: Parental perception may play a role in supporting adolescent's healthy weight-related behaviors.

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