Three-dimensional shoulder kinematics after total claviculectomy: a biomechanical investigation of a single case Journal Article uri icon
  • Since total claviculectomy is an uncommon surgical procedure, few case reports exist in the literature. This report describes the three-dimensional scapulothoracic kinematics in a subject with unilateral total claviculectomy. Kinematic data were collected during shoulder protraction with arms at the side of the body, horizontal arm adduction at 90 degrees of elevation, humeral internal/external rotation with the arm at 90 degrees of elevation in the frontal plane, and elevation and lowering of the arm in the sagittal plane. Descriptive data were compared to the subject's contralateral shoulder. Scapulohumeral rhythm during arm elevation in the sagittal plane was calculated for both sides. Overall the subject demonstrated excessive scapular mobility. However, kinematics during elevation were similar to the contralateral side during elevation. The subject demonstrates good muscle control despite the lack of normal sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular joint articulations. His relatively well-preserved shoulder biomechanics belied his ongoing symptoms, especially involving pain with activities that required use of the arm away from the side.

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