Editorial commentary: #Capsule-ophiles rejoice! The evidence in support of diligent capsular management during hip arthroscopy can no longer be ignored [editorial] Editorial Article uri icon
  • From its infancy until now, the enthusiasm and growth of the field of hip arthroscopy have been exciting to watch. Perhaps, it could be argued that there has not been a more hotly debated topic in recent years than what to do with the hip capsule. Once merely an afterthought in the context of hip arthroscopy, the oft overlooked and underappreciated intricacies of hip capsular anatomy and its role in hip stability have now taken center stage. As surgical indications continue to expand, our surgical techniques have rapidly evolved. Despite the rapid growth and advent of industry, the leaders in this field have remained steadfast in their relentless quest to improve their scientific knowledge and understanding of the native hip joint. If we have learned nothing else from watching the capsular debate evolve, it is that without an advanced understanding of the critical and complex marriage of anatomy and function that exists in a healthy hip joint, we cannot begin to master the surgical treatment of its pathologic states.

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