Acrylates: new sources and new allergens [review] Review uri icon


  • Acrylates are synthetic thermoplastic resins used in a multitude of products, ranging from bone cement to artificial nails. They represent an important and increasing cause of both occupational and nonoccupational allergic contact dermatitis. Isobornyl acrylate, an acrylic monomer found within ultraviolet-cured inks, adhesives and various medical devices for diabetes, has emerged as an important sensitizer. In addition, long-lasting nail products have played a significant role in the increased prevalence of acrylate allergy. Sensitized individuals classically present with facial or eyelid dermatitis, and some patients experience associated fingertip and nail changes. This manuscript reviews these two important sources of acrylate allergy and summarizes other potential new exposures, including surgical glues and wound-care products.

publication date

  • 2020