Change in A1C with and without intermittent use of CGM in adults with type 2 diabetes participating in the Onduo Virtual Diabetes Clinic [abstract] Abstract uri icon
  • The Onduo Virtual Diabetes Clinic (VDC) for people with T2D combines a mobile app, remote personalized lifestyle coaching and connected devices. Differentiating features are live video consultations with board-certified endocrinologists for medication management and prescription of real-time CGM devices for intermittent use as clinically indicated. This analysis examined change in A1c from enrollment to follow-up at 6 mo in CGM vs. non-CGM user groups. Characteristics of CGM (n=213) and non-CGM (n=399) groups were similar. Overall, participants (n=612) were 53.5±8.7 yr, 61.1% female and 26.5% lived in a rural geography. Baseline A1c was 7.8%±1.7, 33.0% were on insulin and 23.5% on a sulfonylurea. A1c decreased significantly in CGM and non-CGM groups by 0.9%±1.7 and 0.4%±1.3, respectively (both p<0.001). Change in A1c stratified by CGM use and baseline A1c categories of >9.0%, 8.0-9.0%, 7.0-<8.0%, <7.0% are presented in the Table. These real-world data suggest that participation in the Onduo VDC was associated with significant improvement in A1c for participants not meeting ADA treatment targets. There was an approximately two-fold greater improvement in A1c with intermittent CGM use. In conclusion, the VDC has potential to support people with T2D and their clinicians between office visits by increasing access to specialist care and advanced diabetes technology.

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