Predictors of intervention interest among individuals with short sleep duration Journal Article uri icon
  • STUDY OBJECTIVES: Over one-third of the United States population sleeps less than the recommended 7 hours a night, which increases risk for chronic diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluate the acceptability of sleep extension interventions and preferences in sleep extension interventions among adults with short sleep duration. METHODS: Participants aged 18 to 65 years with self-reported sleep duration ≤ 6.5 hours completed an online survey including reported sleep behaviors, barriers to adequate sleep, interest in sleep extension interventions, and a sleep disturbance questionnaire. Data were analyzed using chi-square and binary logistic regression. RESULTS: Participants (n = 92; 61 females; mean age = 45.6 years, standard deviation = 13.5) reported an average sleep duration of 5:49 (standard deviation = 0:49). More than half of the participants reported current health comorbidities (64%), including insomnia (n = 12, 13%) and sleep apnea (n = 9, 10%). Many participants (38%) reported sleep disturbance. The most common barrier to adequate sleep included insomnia or other sleep problems (55%). Most respondents (84%) indicated an interest in increasing sleep duration. Of the treatment options suggested, most (84% of those interested) were interested in a wrist-worn device. Participants with insomnia or other sleep disorders were more likely to be interested in extending sleep, (χ² = 12.86, P < .001) and in a wrist-worn device (χ² = 5.24, P = .022). Higher Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System sleep disturbance t scores were also associated with interest in monitoring sleep with a wrist-worn device (b = .18, P < .001). CONCLUSIONS: Sleep extension interventions using wearable technology are attractive to individuals with short sleep duration, particularly those with greater sleep disturbance and comorbid sleep disorders. CITATION: Adkins EC, DeYonker O, Duffecy J, Hooker SA, Baron KG. Predictors of intervention interest among individuals with short sleep duration. JClin SleepMed. 2019;15(8):1143-1148.

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