The cost of global connectivity: faster and more efficient spread of antimicrobial resistance by international travelers - a controversial commentary Journal Article uri icon
  • Although the relationship between human mobility and global dissemination of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is well established, there are important aspects regarding dynamics and character of this spread that have not been well described such as the decreasing time from emergence to global dissemination. In addition, AMR spread through migrants is increasingly being discussed and examined. We believe caution should be exercised to not overly focus on this population since we believe migrants play a minor role and there is a history of stigmatizing and blaming migrants for emerging infections and disease outbreaks. International travelers are proportionately much more likely to perpetuate AMR spread due to the vastly greater volume combined with the increasing efficiency and speed at which they travel. Research, infection prevention measures, and policy development are likely to have the greatest impact if focused on the international traveler rather than on migrant populations.

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  • 2021
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