Phase II: Developing the business case. Role of corporate America in community health and wellness Policy Briefs uri icon


  • This report presents the results of Phase II, which is part of a series of work that enhances our current knowledge regarding the role of Corporate America in community health and wellness. Phase I, commissioned by the Institute of Medicine, IOM, Population Health Improvement Roundtable, began with an Environmental Scan1 that captured the types of activities that corporations are engaged in around the country that impact community health and wellness. It also began to capture some of the rationale for their involvement. The scan highlighted relevant literature and case examples and began the process of building a logical framework for
    further reflection and analysis. Phase II has engaged a diverse group of thought leaders in a facilitated discussion on key questions of interest using a World Café format (explained below). Phase III will triangulate data and knowledge obtained from Phases I and II and a report will be prepared suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal. In addition, a web-based platform will be developed that will serve as a resource useful to employers interested in community engagement and collaboration. Further, a proactive dissemination agenda will be pursued to share the business case and methods for effective engagement of businesses in community health.
    The results of the Environmental Scan revealed that many businesses are already engaged in programs/initiatives that address community health and wellness. The literature review and key informant interviews were able to uncover a number of key levers and drivers that are important to making the business case for engaging in community health efforts. Commonly stated reasons identified in the scan included: a) enhanced reputation in the community as good corporate citizens; b) cost savings that would increase over time; c) job satisfaction; d) healthier, happier and more productive employees; and e) healthy vibrant communities that draw new talent and retain current staff.
    The purpose of Phase II is to extend these findings by convening business executives and organizational thought leaders to address the business case for healthy workplaces, healthy communities. The use of the World Café Forum allows for the collective intelligence and wisdom of multiple stakeholders to address challenging real world problems in a collaborative learning environment.

publication date

  • 2014