Journey for control of diabetes: the interactive dialogue to educate and activate (IDEA) study: a randomized trial [presentation] Presentation uri icon
  • Adams, Kenneth F., PhD   Presenter  
  • Beaton, S. J.   Presenter  
  • Davis, H. T.   Presenter  
  • Fernandes, O. D.   Presenter  
  • Glasrud, P.   Presenter  
  • Hanson, A. M.   Presenter  
  • Lavin-Tompkins, J. M.   Presenter  
  • Parker Emily D., PhD   Presenter  
  • Parsons, W.   Presenter  
  • Spain, C. V.   Presenter  
  • Sperl-Hillen, JoAnn M., MD   Presenter  
  • Von Worley, A.   Presenter  
  • Research
  • Diabetes
  • Health Education
  • Randomized Controlled Trials