Comparative effects of standard CPR versus active compression decompression CPR with augmentation of negative intrathoracic pressure for treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: results from a randomized prospective study [presentation] Presentation uri icon
  • Aufderheide, T. P.   Presenter  
  • Domeier, R. M.   Presenter  
  • Frascone, Ralph J., MD   Presenter  
  • Holcomb, R. G.   Presenter  
  • Lurie, K. G.   Presenter  
  • Mahoney, B. D.   Presenter  
  • Olinger, M. L.   Presenter  
  • Swor, R. A.   Presenter  
  • Tupper, D. E.   Presenter  
  • Wayne, M. A.   Presenter  
  • Yannopoulos, D.   Presenter  
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