The HMO Research Network 2010: opportunities and challenges to deliver on our promise [presentation] Presentation uri icon
  • Our Aims:
  • Our Vision:
  • To be the research partner of choice for those seeking to shape health and health care delivery.

  • • Be recognized as the Nation’s premier resource for population-based health and health care research by leveraging the Network’s unparalleled member and geographic diversity, research and research translation strengths, and organizational, human capital, and data resources.
    • Contribute to national and global dialogues on health research and policy by serving as a credible source of evidence-based information and representing integrated delivery system-based research perspectives.
    • Promote and establish the Network as a preferred research partner of funding agencies and others by capitalizing on its research and research translation strengths and by communication efforts designed to increase the visibility of the Network, its collective capabilities, and its accomplishments.
    • Foster Network-led collaborative studies by enhancing awareness of research interests, resources, and capabilities of the member centers and their investigators and by stimulating proposals, endorsing them, and publicizing their successes.
    • Share methodologies, best practices, and consultative expertise derived from the Network’s successful research enterprise by holding an Annual Conference, strengthening investigator development through shared recruitment strategies, fellowships and mentoring programs, joining forces with public and private agency initiatives, and enlisting both traditional and new dissemination technologies.

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  • Ballard-Barbash, R.   Presenter  
  • Pronk, Nico P., PhD, MA, FACSM, FAWHP   Presenter  
  • Selby, J. V.   Presenter  
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