A multi-site virtual data warehouse to support oral-systematic research [presentation] Presentation uri icon
  • Objective: Literature in medicine and dentistry has increasingly focused on oral-systemic relations, however, is limited by scope of available data, size of cohort samples and medical-dental data sets that can be combined. The objective of this project was to create a Dental Virtual Data Warehouse (D-VDW) using data from the Electronic Health Records (EHRs) from three Health Maintenance Organization Research Network (HMORN) members (Kaiser Permanente Northwest, HealthPartners and Marshfield Clinic) that provide both medical and dental care for a section of their population. Method: A team of investigators and programmers from the three HMORN sites was formed. A common data-dictionary was developed to capture core data elements within the D-VDW schema. The data mapping was proposed based on researcher needs and available data elements from the EHRs at the three sites. Common elements between sites were identified and adjustments were made to the proposed D-VDW schema before loading the patient records at the individual sites. Result: Twelve content areas were identified under the D-VDW schema. Seven out of the twelve tables were created in the first version of D-VDW which included: Demographics, Encounters, Procedures, Diagnoses, Provider (shared with medical VDW), Treatment plan, Enrollment and Periodontal measure data. The remaining five content areas that are scheduled for inclusion in the next version are: Risk assessment, Medical history, Pharmacy history, Intervention, and NDPBRN provider list. A total of 94,113 unique patient records from Marshfield Clinic site and 232,630 unique patient records from HealthPartners were loaded to establish the first version of this D-VDW. Conclusion: In order to collaborate in multi-site dental and oral-systemic research studies, creation of a standardized data structure will be an enormous asset. The HMORN‚Äôs D-VDW within an existing Medical-VDW will support efforts to conduct research that crosses the divide that currently exists between medical and dental patient data.

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