Establishing a research network agenda for promoting healthy weight among children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities (ASD/DD) [presentation] Presentation uri icon
  • Bandini, L.   Presenter  
  • Boutelle, K. N.   Presenter  
  • Curtin, C.   Presenter  
  • DiBari, J.   Presenter  
  • Donnelly, J. E.   Presenter  
  • Fleming, R.   Presenter  
  • Fox, M. H.   Presenter  
  • Hassink, S.   Presenter  
  • Humpries, K.   Presenter  
  • Kral, T.   Presenter  
  • Must, A.   Presenter  
  • Odoms-Young, A.   Presenter  
  • Rimmer, J.   Presenter  
  • Segal, M.   Presenter  
  • Sherwood, Nancy E., PhD   Presenter  
  • Sikich, L.   Presenter  
  • Stanish, H.   Presenter  
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