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  • Clinical, gender, socioeconomic characteristics and outcomes of individuals receiving hepatitis B treatment in Ethiopia: 18-month follow-up 2023
  • Increasing COVID-19 vaccination coverage for newcomer communities: the importance of disaggregation by language 2023
  • Cancer screening in refugees and immigrants: a global perspective 2022
  • Improving care for patients with chronic hepatitis B via establishment of a disease registry 2022
  • Low treatment rates of parasitic diseases with standard-of-care prescription drugs in the United States, 2013-2019 2022
  • Low use of standard-of-care antiparasitic drugs and increased estimated outpatient payments for treating schistosomiasis in the United States, 2013-19 2022
  • Global health education during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges, adaptations, and lessons learned 2021
  • Global is local: does formal resident global health medical education improve clinical care in the United States? 2021
  • The value and interpretation of race and ethnicity data in the era of global migration: a change is in order 2021
  • A best practice alert for identifying hepatitis B-infected patients 2020
  • Impact of anthelmintic price increases on practice patterns of healthcare providers caring for immigrant and refugee populations in the United States 2020
  • Case report: epididymo-orchitis due to mycobacterium tuberculosis 2019
  • Impact of enhanced health interventions for United States-bound refugees: evaluating best practices in migration health 2018
  • Migration medicine: notes on a young science 2018
  • Predicting risk of imported disease with demographics: geospatial analysis of imported malaria in Minnesota, 2010-2014 2018
  • Absence of Loa loa microfilaremia among newly arrived Congolese refugees in Texas 2017
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome associated with Zika virus infection in a traveler returning from Guyana 2016
  • Ozena in immigrants of differing backgrounds 2016
  • Partnerships that facilitate a refugee's journey to wellbeing 2016
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