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  • Is shared decision-making associated with better patient-reported outcomes? A longitudinal study of patients undergoing total joint arthroplasty 2022
  • Patients with femoral neck fractures are at risk for conversion to arthroplasty after internal fixation: a machine-learning algorithm 2022
  • What do orthopaedists believe is needed for incorporating patient-reported outcome measures into clinical care? A qualitative study 2022
  • What are the tradeoffs in outcomes after casting versus surgery for closed extraarticular distal radius fractures in older patients? A statistical learning model 2021
  • What proportion of orthopaedic surgery residency programs have accessible parental leave policies, and how generous are they? 2020
  • The Radiographic Union Score for Hip (RUSH) identifies radiographic nonunion of femoral neck fractures 2016
  • Will my tibial fracture heal? Predicting nonunion at the time of definitive fixation based on commonly available variables 2016
  • Minimally invasive versus open sacroiliac joint fusion: are they similarly safe and effective? 2014
  • Surgical technique: a percutaneous method of subcutaneous fixation for the anterior pelvic ring: the pelvic bridge 2012
  • A reliable radiographic measurement technique for extra-articular scapular fractures 2011
  • Does arthroscopic FAI correction improve function with radiographic arthritis? 2011
  • Surgical technique: a minimally invasive approach to scapula neck and body fractures 2011
  • The use of an algorithm for classifying acetabular fractures: a role for resident education? 2011
  • Vulnerable neurovasculature with a posterior approach to the scapula 2009
  • Bony skier's thumb injuries 1996
  • Case report: reconstruction of a recalcitrant scapular neck nonunion and literature review [review] 2009