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  • Acute health care utilization in the first 24 months postpartum by rurality and pregnancy complications: a prospective cohort study 2024
  • The impact of patient-centered medical home certification on quality of care for patients with diabetes 2021
  • Cost-effectiveness of a community-based diabetes prevention program with participation incentives for medicaid beneficiaries 2018
  • Impact of copayment changes on children's albuterol inhaler use and costs after the Clean Air Act chlorofluorocarbon ban 2018
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  • A randomized, controlled pragmatic trial of telephonic medication therapy management to reduce hospitalization in home health patients 2014
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  • Cost-effectiveness of an electronic medical record based clinical decision support system 2012
  • Deployment of a mixed-mode data collection strategy does not reduce nonresponse bias in a general population health survey 2012
  • Using fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis (fs/QCA) to explore the relationship between medical "homeness" and quality 2012
  • Designing payment for Collaborative Care for Depression in primary care 2011
  • The boomers are coming: a total cost of care model of the impact of population aging on health care costs in the United States by Major Practice Category 2007
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