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  • An analysis of associated conditions and the relationship between the severity of hand manifestations with that of the forearm in ulnar longitudinal deficiency 2024
  • Incidence of infection in operatively treated distal radius fractures after conversion from external to internal fixation 2024
  • Ulnar wrist denervation: articular branching pattern and selective blockade of the dorsal branch of the ulnar nerve 2023
  • A comparative analysis of 150 thumb polydactyly cases from the CoULD Registry using the Wassel-Flatt, Rotterdam, and Chung classifications 2021
  • Predicting outcomes after distal radius fracture: a 24-center international clinical trial of older adults 2019
  • Preoperative antibiotics in wrist arthroscopy 2018
  • Incidence of treatment for infection of buried versus exposed kirschner wires in phalangeal, metacarpal, and distal radial fractures 2017
  • Dorsal approach decreases operative time for complex metacarpophalangeal dislocations 2016
  • Epidemiology of congenital upper limb anomalies in a midwest United States population: an assessment using the Oberg, Manske, and Tonkin classification 2015
  • Hand function with touch screen technology in children with normal hand formation, congenital differences, and neuromuscular disease 2015
  • An outcomes protocol for carpal tunnel release: a comparison of outcomes in patients with and without medical comorbidities 2014
  • Scapholunate interosseous ligament injuries: a┬áretrospective review of treatment and outcomes in 82 wrists 2014
  • Reflections 1 year into the 21-Center National Institutes of Health--funded WRIST study: a primer on conducting a multicenter clinical trial 2013
  • Objective structured assessment of technical skill in upper extremity surgery 2012
  • Surgical release of the pediatric trigger thumb 2011
  • Follow-up motion laboratory analysis for patients with spastic hemiplegia due to cerebral palsy: analysis of the flexor carpi ulnaris firing pattern before and after tendon transfer surgery 2010
  • The distally based radial forearm fascia-fat flap for treatment of recurrent de Quervain's tendonitis 2001
  • Outcome of avulsion fractures of the ulnar base of the proximal phalanx of the thumb treated nonsurgically 1999
  • Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education hand surgery milestones V2.0 development and implementation: what fellowship directors, faculty, and fellows need to know [review] 2023
  • Opioid use after upper extremity surgery [review] 2018
  • Current issues in the physician-patient relationship [review] 2010